Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Masters of Persuasion

Catholic Medjugorje accountability abuse corruption fascism Nazi mind control hypnosis

“Our agency’s information on Medjugorje indicates that it is a “psychological terrorist” site.” This chilling message, from a former Colonel in the Soviet Union’s once vast and powerful security and intelligence apparatus, the KGB, was brief and to the point. It had been received following inquiries made through “official channels” concerning the Catholic shrine in Bosnia.

The former KGB Colonel added that Medjogorje was, in effect a “… cult or group where hundreds or thousands of people are forced to act against their wills,” and went on to liken the religious activities of Medjugorje to that of the “… People’s Temples sect of Jim Jones,” as well as to David Koresh’s Branch Davidians and the Swiss and Canadian Solar Temple Cult, in addition to the Heavens Gate sect in California which “… all resulted in hundreds of deaths.”

“Medjugorje seems to be similar to cases of mass hypnosis that we have studied in Eastern Europe. In Russia we have such specialists as Anatoly Kaspirovsky and Alan Chumack who have demonstrated these techniques in two ways. First in person (sic) contact with large audiences and second through mass media technology.” The writer then added: “the easiest targets were women” aged between 35 and 55 years. The motive of these mind control activities said the former spy Colonel was to acquire their money and property.  (more...)

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