Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Nazis R Us: Where is the outrage?

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Why are 30 of those members identified in the military document still reportedly serving in the Canadian Armed Forces? On what basis were members of hate groups within the CAF determined not to be a threat? Is the report stating they aren’t a threat to the combat readiness of the CAF, or towards Canadians in general? Does the CAF find it concerning that they are training and providing access to military weaponry to members of hate groups?

Those of us who are monitoring hate groups in Canada could hardly believe our eyes.

Last week, a 2018 report titled, “White Supremacy, Hate Groups, and Racism in the Canadian Armed Forces,” written by Canadian Military Police Criminal Intelligence Section was made public through the Access to Information Act.

It raises serious concerns but you wouldn’t know it from the report’s conclusions. Despite finding that between 2013 and 2018, there were 53 Canadian Armed Forces members connected to hate groups or hate activity, apparently there’s no reason for worry.  (more...)


Our veterans fought the scourge of Nazism and hatred.

No, Bernie. That's not how it was.  I was a member of the Forces and grew up among veterans. They did not share our values.  Their employers traded profligately with the enemy.  Well before the end of the war, the Western allies, minus the Soviet Union, plotted the Cold War and ensured that the Nazis would be available to participate in it.  Europe was looted and its wealth hidden underground to fund covert operations.  Idealists like you were butchered by the thousands.  Nazi paramilitaries or their precursors have been with us for a century.  They're laughing down their sleeves as you read this.

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