Friday, April 26, 2019

Who Hooked Us on Halloween? Mars Crime Corporation

accountability business fascism corruption politics family tax evasion corporations Halloween
John Franklyn Mars being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II
The Mars family are worth over 70 billion and are a top criminal bloodline in the United States and they own one of the largest candy companies in the world. They are one of the most evil families in the US. They are leaders of the Cult of Mars which is a murderous militant cult. John Franklyn Mars was knighted by the House of Windsor and serves the British Crown. Queen Elizabeth II visisted the Mars candy factory. Prince Harry is a top member of the Cult of Mars. They add slow acting poisons and chemicals into their candy as a form of chemical warfare on society also known as alchemy. Artificial flavors and colors can cause diseases. They oppress humanity so that it is easier to control society. They use their large amount of wealth to conceal criminal transactions used for funding Nazi style persecution carried out by secret societies like the Knights of Columbus and Hells Angels and Aryan Brotherhood. The modernized concept of Halloween and Trick-or-treating was established in 1911 the same year that Mars candy company was established. The Mars family were the Candia family of Venice which ruled the Kingdom of Candia located on the island of Crete during the height of the Venetian Republic. Kydonia was a state during the Kingdom of Candia and is the name of a region on the planet Mars. The Venetians were merchants involved with the sugar trade. An Italian word for candy is candito. The ancient mystery schools covertly taught witchcraft and alchemy and these schools were maintained on the islands of Crete, Malta, and Rhodes. The Candia family served the House of Savoy and governed territories for them. Stephen Badger's mother is Jaqueline Mars. The Thurn und Taxis family originated in northern Italy and their name Taxis is from Tasso in Italian or Taxus in Latin which means badger.  (more...)

accountability business fascism corruption politics family tax evasion corporations Halloween
Queen Elizabeth II at the Mars candy factory

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