Saturday, April 8, 2017

Peel school board steps up security at meetings to rid them of 'racist outbursts'

The Peel District School Board is stepping up security measures at its public meetings after months of flaring tensions over religious accommodation policies came to a head recently with a Qur'an being torn up by a protester.

The move, meant to "ensure the safety of staff, students, parents and community members," is effective immediately, the board announced Thursday.

"Essentially we are taking the steps necessary to ensure that the work of the board can happen, and that parents and students who have genuine business with the board are able to be there free of racist outbursts and hateful disruption," board director Brian Woodland told CBC Toronto.

The new rules will mean that anyone attending board meetings, including staff, will be required to present identification and sign in.

Security personnel will escort individuals inside the HJA Brown Education Centre — where the meetings are held — one at a time through the building's main entrance.

Anyone attending the meetings will also be required to adhere to the board's Code of Conduct and will be recorded while on school board property.  (more...)

Closet Nazis capturing conservative causes in Ontario? Who needs these goons?

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