Thursday, February 16, 2017

Premier calls use of 'N-word' 'unacceptable behaviour' but won't say trustee should resign

Condescension for the back of the equity bus?
Despite calling the use of the "N-word" unacceptable — Premier Kathleen Wynne stopped short of saying that Nancy Elgie, the York District School Board trustee who admitted to using a racial slur in reference to a parent, should resign.

Wynne was asked about Elgie on Wednesday, and said there's "a lot of pressure on this individual; she's going to have to search her conscience and make a decision for herself."

Though pressed multiple times, Wynne refused to say Elgie should resign.

On Tuesday, Education Minister Mitzie Hunter said Elgie needs to step down, joining several other voices — including parents, school trustees and MPPs — who have called for the same.  (more...)


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