Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Alleged paedophile accused of kidnapping migrant boy from German asylum camp 'always drove around with a "child rape kit" including chloroform, a stun gun and gags'

Police recovered Mohamed's body from Silvio S's car as well as the child abduction kit
A man accused of being a child killer travelled around Germany with a child kidnap kit hidden in the back of his car.

Security guard Silvio S, 33, is accused of kidnapping and murdering Mohammed, 4, and Elias, 6, after kidnapping them off the streets.

And the court heard that he was constantly on the lookout for child victims keeping the kidnap kit next to him in the car at all times. When he was arrested it was found in the back of his car next to a baby doll and other children’s toys, and included chloroform, sleeping pills, cable straps, thumb cuffs, a stun gun, latex skull masks, gags and various strangulation devices.

Police said that the four-year-old murder victim Mohammed, who had come to Germany as a refugee with his family, had been kidnapped, abused and then finally killed. After his death his body was stored in a yellow plastic tub filled with cat litter that he kept at home, and then later stored in his Dacia car.

And it was his death in October 2015 that had put them on the trail of Silvio S.  (more...)

How to defend the virtue of German women from lustful Mohamedans?

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