Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Westminster child abuse network: Could 2015 be the year we begin to see justice?

Ten years ago, if you talked about an elite network of child abusers, operating among the highest levels of government, media, police, and even the royal family, you likely would have been called a 'nut job' or a 'conspiracy theorist'.

Fast forward to the present day however, and allegations of pedophilia and abuse of the most horrific kind, including even reports of murder seem to be surfacing continually, almost daily at times, so much so that the issue has been forced squarely back on the table. Questions and allegations which have lingered for decades, are now being taken seriously, and most importantly so by Scotland Yard.

While no one has been officially charged as part of the wider investigations, police are now looking into numerous allegations of historic child abuse, which allegedly involve powerful and influential individuals, and which date back many decades.

While acknowledged predators like the late Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith MP, never faced justice in their lifetime, there seems a real possibility that enough new evidence is coming to light which might mean some of those involved, and whom may still be alive, could at last end up in court facing trial.

In fact, so much new evidence is apparently being brought to the attention of the authorities, and so many witnesses, sources and officials are calling for justice, that it seems like the dam is about to break, the lid firmly off Pandora's Box.  (more...)

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